Glacier National Park…

Apgar Village at the west entrance of Glacier National Park. Looking out across Lake MacDonald, a 400-foot deep Glacier lake.

At the top of the Avalanche Lake hike deep into Glacier National Park.

This planner and cook makes the best camping meals … period. Delicious!

Here’s our little buddy who joined us for a while on the Hidden Lake hike. … Yep, a mountain goat.

Hiking from Logan’s Pass to Hidden Lake required hiking through about 1 mile of snow … on July 24th, no less!

At the top of the 7-mile Apgar Lookout hike. Overlooking Lake MacDonald from west to east at 3pm on July 24.

One thought on “Glacier National Park…

  1. Loving your posts. What a wonderful adventure you two are on and it is great that you are sharing it with us. Christy and Orestes LOVED Glacier Park when they did their trip through 10 national parks. I imagine Yellowstone with a 5 and 7 year old looks quite different than the hiking a few years back. I am not nearly strong enough to do what you two are but I so admire you for taking out together and enjoying life and the strength God has given you. Kudos.

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