Verification needed in the storm

CNN, Weather Channel inaccurately report that New York Stock Exchange is under 3 feet of water | Poynter.

The story came from chat room to newsroom to correction. In Introduction to Journalism class at Illinois, students learn “The essence of journalism is a discipline of verification” (from “The Elements of Journalism” by Bill Kovach & Tom Rosenstiel).

The discipline includes the practice of doing one’s own, original reporting, and that would include tracking down the source of the information to judge the veracity of the report. The link above shows the Twitter route of the reports.

New York Times explains graphic photo from Empire State Building shooting | Poynter.

We don’t  always get ethics, citizen journalism, mobile phone reporting, sensitive photo , social media, and spelling all in one article, but here goes. This doesn’t really need a post, just a collection of taglines.

Warning: graphic photo depicts death

New York Times explains graphic photo from Empire State Building shooting | Poynter..

Breaking News On Line

Last spring as I taught Introduction to Journalism, I decided to put the New York Times on the big screen because Eliot Spitzer was expected to resign as governor. As we waited, we watch Spitzer’s car wind through the streets of New York. I was reminded of O.J. Simpson’s Bronco on the freeways of California. Spitzer did finally appear and make his announcement before the bell rang. Now the Online News Association has chosen that coverage for an award:

Breaking News, Large Sites:, Eliot Spitzer’s resignation “The winner ‘hit it out of the park.’ The winner could have held the story but chose
not to. They broke the story on the Web and used the Web to keep it going. They
used the tools. For almost an entire news cycle nobody else had anything. It was
a remarkable story remarkably handled.”