Here we are … at Banff (70 miles west of Calgary)

I was not anticipating this in downtown Banff.  Our daughter, Maddie, will go camping with us now.

Good morning, Banff.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel behind me.  I asked for a price sheet from the concierge.  “We don’t publish one, sir.  In the summer most rooms are about $500 a night. Are you interested in a room?”  … Ah, I don’t think so.  Wonder if they sleep better than I do in my tent?  They don’t eat any better.  That’s for sure!

hamburgers, fried potatoes, salad…

Calgary, Alberta

Big, multi-ethnic, Canadian city … out in the Alberta prairie.

Overlooking Calgary’s skyline from Prince’s Island Park. Dinner last night in Chinatown.

Lovely place to walk after dinner and people watch. We did … for an 1 1/2 hours.

The trains take people in and out of Calgary each day.


Old growth and new

One day in Glacier National Park, we hiked through giant cedar, hemlock and black cottonwood trees to Avalanche Lake. The cedars were so large, it would take three people holding hands to encircle one. The next day, we hiked the Apgar Lookout trail, through the forest that burned in 2003. (That fire caused us to cancel our trip planned then and we are now getting here 9 years later.) Pines have grown back on Apgar trail to just the right size for a Christmas tree in a small apartment — 5 feet tall and skinny. I could encircle the trunk with my thumb and forefinger. Small but growing, burned but not obliterated.

Apgar Lookout Trail, Glacier National Park