Calgary, Alberta

Big, multi-ethnic, Canadian city … out in the Alberta prairie.

Overlooking Calgary’s skyline from Prince’s Island Park. Dinner last night in Chinatown.

Lovely place to walk after dinner and people watch. We did … for an 1 1/2 hours.

The trains take people in and out of Calgary each day.


Old growth and new

One day in Glacier National Park, we hiked through giant cedar, hemlock and black cottonwood trees to Avalanche Lake. The cedars were so large, it would take three people holding hands to encircle one. The next day, we hiked the Apgar Lookout trail, through the forest that burned in 2003. (That fire caused us to cancel our trip planned then and we are now getting here 9 years later.) Pines have grown back on Apgar trail to just the right size for a Christmas tree in a small apartment — 5 feet tall and skinny. I could encircle the trunk with my thumb and forefinger. Small but growing, burned but not obliterated.

Apgar Lookout Trail, Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park…

Apgar Village at the west entrance of Glacier National Park. Looking out across Lake MacDonald, a 400-foot deep Glacier lake.

At the top of the Avalanche Lake hike deep into Glacier National Park.

This planner and cook makes the best camping meals … period. Delicious!

Here’s our little buddy who joined us for a while on the Hidden Lake hike. … Yep, a mountain goat.

Hiking from Logan’s Pass to Hidden Lake required hiking through about 1 mile of snow … on July 24th, no less!

At the top of the 7-mile Apgar Lookout hike. Overlooking Lake MacDonald from west to east at 3pm on July 24.

String Lake Hike…

This morning we hiked four miles on the String Lake hike inside Grand Teton National Park…

A forest fire burned this area in 1999.

We came upon some other hikers and we all waited for a black bear who took his time crossing the trail.

Crossing the bridge over String Lake.

Jennifer pondering along the Snake River.

Lazy summer day looking from the Snake River upon the Teton Range.

Morning in the Tetons

We hiked the 4-mile Swan Lake trail this morning.  This is what it looks like…

Hiking along Jackson Lake in the morning.

Near Heron Pond

This view of Cascade Canyon takes hikers up to Lake Solitude and beyond.

This is a picture of an elderly gentlemen in the foreground reading his morning newspaper in the parking lot of Colter Bay Village in Grand Teton National Park.