Reading student blogs

When students post live to blogs, what responsibility do I have to correct their mistakes? I require the blog posts, but I allow students to limit their reach to just the class if they desire. Some leave their blogs for all the world to see, complete with writing mishaps of the kind I am teaching them to avoid in class. The best editors don’t correct people in front of the entire world. 

One thought on “Reading student blogs

  1. I also think it is much easier to critique another person’s work. I know that I personally don’t catch many mistakes in my own posts, yet find a lot of mistakes in the blogs of my fellow classmates. I have to say, it is nice to know that our blogs are much more relaxed than they could be because I think it lets people be truer to themselves to not feel pressured to be perfect. I think that lack of pressure allows for more of a dialog to occur between people in the class because they don’t feel that “teacher” is always watching what they do.

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