Students blog about editing

Students created the following blogs to fulfill an assignment in JOUR420, News Editing, at the University of Illinois. I’ll be following them. And they’ll be following each other.

Morning Lab, JOUR420, SP09
Tom Cyrs,
Terrell Starr,
Chris Sienza,
Lindsay Ignatowski,
Regina Hernandez,
Amanda VanDyke,
Betsi Freeman,
Mayra Carranza,
Jing Gao,
Kimberly Scarabello, updated Feb. 16,
Schuyler “Sky” Opila,
Justin Hemenway,
Jean Kim,
Ann Colletti,
Kate Leifheit,
Lisa Chung,

Noon Lab, JOUR420, SP09
Keith Hollenkamp,
Patrick Wade,
Marie Wilson,
Brittney Foreman,
Erica Yuenger,
Carly Rakes,
Rachel Stuart,
Kayla King,
Stephanie Murphy,
Katie Kritzberg,
Michael Carpenter,
Amanda Cornish,
Kara Beach,
Angelina Cole,
Jacob Hurwith, updated Feb. 16,
Tricia Ravelo,

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