Students blog about editing

Students created the following blogs to fulfill an assignment in JOUR420, News Editing, at the University of Illinois. I’ll be following them. And they’ll be following each other.

Morning Lab, JOUR420, SP09
Tom Cyrs,
Terrell Starr,
Chris Sienza,
Lindsay Ignatowski,
Regina Hernandez,
Amanda VanDyke,
Betsi Freeman,
Mayra Carranza,
Jing Gao,
Kimberly Scarabello, updated Feb. 16,
Schuyler “Sky” Opila,
Justin Hemenway,
Jean Kim,
Ann Colletti,
Kate Leifheit,
Lisa Chung,

Noon Lab, JOUR420, SP09
Keith Hollenkamp,
Patrick Wade,
Marie Wilson,
Brittney Foreman,
Erica Yuenger,
Carly Rakes,
Rachel Stuart,
Kayla King,
Stephanie Murphy,
Katie Kritzberg,
Michael Carpenter,
Amanda Cornish,
Kara Beach,
Angelina Cole,
Jacob Hurwith, updated Feb. 16,
Tricia Ravelo,

You’d remember saying something like that, wouldn’t you?

Last night Larry King asked Gov. Rod Blagojevich over and over about the content of the tapes that were played by the federal prosecutor after the governor’s arrest in December. The transcript is on Lynn Sweet’s blog at the Sun-Times. After what the rest of us believe to be remarks made by the governor about the “golden” Senate seat, King asked the governor five different ways, in succession, if that is what he said. The governor evaded the question five different ways. Finally, King moved on. Even King can’t get some people to talk.

Reading student blogs

When students post live to blogs, what responsibility do I have to correct their mistakes? I require the blog posts, but I allow students to limit their reach to just the class if they desire. Some leave their blogs for all the world to see, complete with writing mishaps of the kind I am teaching them to avoid in class. The best editors don’t correct people in front of the entire world. 

one reason I love teaching: student blogs

Students teach me things all of the time. Like today. While reviewing newly created blogs, I discovered at least one student had created a blog for JOUR420 but hadn’t written a post yet. Her features in the side rail caught my eye, though, and I learned from her BBC link that Palin was to be McCain’s choice for a running mate. I learned something, and the student didn’t even have to post anything! Here are the student blogs created so far. Erika Strebel Karlie Elliott Colleen Loggins Clair McInnis Nicole Nejati Laura Hettiger Katie O’Connell Eric Heisig Trisha Ruiz Susan Kantor Marguerite Day Elizabeth Lardizabal Meghan Montemurro Stephanie Poquette Elyse Schmidt Jonathan Abdnor

Clearly ambiguous

We editors love clarity. And brevity. And just as soon as we have them, along comes life with its ambiguity. My blog name is amgibuous on purpose. When I look at it, I say LIVE, long “I,” adjective, rhymes with JIVE. You might say LiVE, or short “I,” verb, rhymes with GIVE.

Whatever, as long as you read Live-Edit from time to time. I can live with some ambiguity — but I had to have a hyphen between the double “EE.”